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On-line Trial Class Registration Form



The free trial class serves the following 3 purposes:
 Facility, Program Cost, and Ability.

  1. The first is for the parent to see and feel comfortable with the training environment.

  2. The second is to receive an understanding of the program and the cost associated with it.

  3. The third is for all parties (Instructor, Participant, and Parent if participant is a youth) to know and feel comfortable with each others ability to pay, teach, and train.

Once this registration form has been submitted, you will need to confirm your Trial Class request by checking your e-mail and clicking the confirmation link.  You will receive a pass via the e-mail used within 10 minutes of your conformation.  Click the green button at the bottom to confirm your email and trial class.  Be sure to check your spam.  With your pass, there will be no cost for your trial just print a copy or show the digital copy on your smart phone when you arrive. 

Should you not receive your pass within 15 to 30 minutes, please call our facility (203) 368-0773 Ext. 7 to ensure the form submission was successful.

We look forward to your first visit.

Click here for mobile phone entry.

Trial Class Registration Form

Tel: 203.368.0773

E-mail: info@puremartialarts.com