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Tang Soo Do
Tang Soo Do is a highly disciplined martial art style which incorporates empty hand self-defense with a wide variety and arsenal of ground and aerial kicking techniques.  It utilizes every angle imaginable and makes use of all body parts as a self-defense mechanism. Among the rigorous training discipline, there is a key element of fun that keep members interested and focused. To see more click on Tang Soo Do.

Cardio Kickboxing
is a fitness program at PMAFA that incorporates a few of the strong leg techniques of Tang Soo Do with the elbow and knee strikes of Muay Tai and the fist of Western style boxing to give you a cardio workout that we stand behind for actual offensive and defensive self-protection.  So don't just get fit, get fit and have personal security as well.  Click on Cardio Kickboxing to see more.



Tiny Tigers
are our little busy bodies from ages 3 to 5.  How do you get these busy bodies to stand still and listen.  Just bring them to a PMAFA Tiny Tiger class.  Click on Tiny Tigers to see more.



Hapkido Self-Defense
Hapkido is a martial art form that specializes in joint locking, dislocating, and breaking.  It is exceptional when it comes to close combat and taking an adversary to the ground or defenses against being thrown to the ground.  This is a system used widely by law enforcement and military combatants. 




Winter, Spring, and Summer Camps offers a great place for your children to spend their time with other positive and constructive kids while learning the disciplines of the martial arts and having fun.  To see more, click on Camps.


Haedong Kumdo
is a graceful exhilarating Korean art form to watch and perform.  It is a great art form for the adults who are looking for technical structure and physical training without the kicking and punching of other art forms.  It is truly graceful as it is deadly in its application. 


Self-Defense & Awareness
is a program designed for the less intensive person who is not looking for a complete system but basic defense strategies, tactics, and awareness for everyday practical situations such as abductions (youth & adult), date rape, bullying, muggings, abusive relationships, and more.  This is part of our adult class.  Special group classes are available.  To see more click on Self-Defense & Awarenes.


  Child anti-Abduction
is a program that gives children the added time and confidence to prevent and or deter an abduction.  Sometimes the thought of a child utilizing  martial art skills to prevent an abduction from an adversary 4 or 5 times their size seems a little far fetched.  For the child that is not ready or capable in that area, we have simple proven techniques that are not aggressive and not martial art based that have been taught all around the country.  Click on Child anti-Abduction for more information.


  Youth Classes
are designed with safety in mind.  The most important aspect of their training is dedicated to life skills.  Before preparing youth with an arsenal of self-defense maneuvers, we must prepare them with a positive mindset, attitude, spirit, character, and then personal conduct, respect, and self-discipline in order to be receptive to the teachings of martial arts.  These same life skills are then taken out into society to enhance and better the community and all they come in contact with.




Adult Classes
are designed with more reality in mind.  As adults have already attained life skills, learning is easier and much quicker.  The focus is on practical realistic techniques and forms applied to today's practical situations.  As a bonus, the curriculum is a mixed martial arts which includes Tang Soo Do (Empty Hand & Foot Blocking and Striking), Hapkido (Joint Locking and Manipulation), and Kickboxing (Muay Tai Style).  Click on Adult Classes above to see more.


  Birthday Parties
are exciting and tons of fun at PMAFA.  Choose from a number of packages from our Basic Package to our Super Entertainment Package.  You can have total control or sit back and let us do all the work for you while your party goers are totally blown away with fun fun fun!!!!!  Click on Birthday Parties to see more.


Program Pricing
Our program pricing depends on what level you would like to reach and how dedicated you are to achieving that level. When you come in for your trial class, we will be more than happy to go over each level as well as the degree of your desire and dedication to reach those levels.  Our most basic plan starts at $65 a month and progresses along with your level of committment.









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