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This course is designed for but not limited to women only and it's objective was to provide a system to assist women in different areas of their life such as, confidence, weight-control, self-esteem, health, and most importantly SURVIVAL.  Today more than ever before women are up in arms about how they look and feel and what's more they are seeking alternative ways to protect that look and feel as well.  That is where Tae Boe, Aerobic Kickboxing, and other forms of "watered down" martial arts came into existence to cater to that market. 

We have designed a program where the focus is on Survival while gaining the needed exercise to have that look and feel that one desires.  We found that a lot of mocking was going on about how women should not use those exercise techniques on the streets.  Well, we want to give the women the confidence that goes along with that look and feel to know they have a Survival Arsenal within themselves.


Due to the realism of this cardio training and the success of the women, men will find the program extremely attractive, and not just because of the women :-).



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E-mail: info@puremartialarts.com