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'My son has been in PMAFA for almost 2 years after coming over from another karate school. The learning and atmosphere are leaps and bounds ahead of anything available in the Fairfield County area. He has provided a safe haven for children to prosper and grow. My son loves being a member, and my family enjoys being a part of the school.'

Hector Morales Sr.


"" This Academy is very fun, and really has something for everyone in the family. Me, and my mother are both members. I am 29, military, and this school is a major part of my Physical Training program. I participate in Kickboxing and Zumba. My mother is a 52 yeard old heart attack victim who does Zumba. I have never been to a martial arts studio that offered such diversity.

Kellie Ann Tyler


Master Purefoy,
I saw on the website that tomorrow is the red ribbon cutting. I unfortunately will not be able to attend due to work but I would have loved to be able to be there to support you.  I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS and a JOB WELL DONE!!!! Thank you for all your hard work and attention and for always caring enough for our children to go the extra mile to make sure they have a safe, fun environment where they can go and be kids yet learn discipline, self defense and how to work as a team and for always expecting the best from them and teaching them how to achieve that.  You have a way in bringing out the best in those kids and I as a parent of 2 of those kids want to personally thank you for that and to let you know it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Again.. Congrats, Good Luck and God Bless.....
If you. Ms.Greta or PMAFA ever need any help with anything and I am available to help don't hesitate to ask....
Tang Soo!


My son started out as a Tiny Tiger. He currently is a yellow belt and is loving his class. I am very happy with the staff who teach the classes and the senior belts who assist. Antonio looks forward to attending his classes and all the extra's (winter, summer camp etc...) that the school offers. I'm very happy with the choice I made of sending him to PMAFA verses any other school located in Bridgeport. A tuition well spent.

~ Jennifer G.


Having had a very active and competitive childhood growing up,  I was actively searching for a place that would motivate my grandchildren and teach them self-defense, self-confidence, and discipline.  I have had them since they were 7, 5, and 15 months old.  After I had an unsuccessful visit at one martial art school, my daughter introduced me to PMAFA and everything changed.  Master Purefoy is very dedicated, compassionate, and cares about the kind of students he produces.  There is a family type environment which makes a person/child feel safe while encouraging them to push themselves as far as they can go. 

The school's motto "A Black Belt is a White Belt Who Never Quits" is something I have experienced with my girls who are now 16, 15, and 8.  My 14 year old is learning to find herself and recently said, "I am happy with the way my life has turned out so far...".  I attributed it in part to PMAFA.  My 16 year old had a lot of anger and PMAFA has helped her to redirect the anger in a positive way, and now she hopes to teach martial arts, and again I attribute this to her instructor Master Purefoy.  I also have 3 grandsons attending PMAFA and two Tiny Tigers.  I feel very confident entrusting them to someone who is dedicated to producing great people, and now I have become a member myself.

~ Priscilla Wallace - Karate School Grandma


My eight year old son Deven had been in the school since June 2007. Last year, Deven had a difficult time at his academic school.  It was his first year in the school and it wasn't a smooth transition. The Karate classes kept him grounded and the Master Instructor went to his school.  I was impressed by the support we received from the Instructor.

I also enjoyed the extra activities i.e. summer camps, annual Costume Party, Christmas parties etc.  I like the school because it considers the whole child i.e, academic, family, social. During the time, I have seen growth. Currently, he is in third grade and doing well in school.  At one point I wanted to withdraw him from Karate,
I am glad I didn't!

~ Kellie P.


During the Spring of 2008, I enrolled my two boys in karate at PMAFA.  I am very happy with the outcome. Juan and Jonathan love karate and look up to their teachers very much.  Their behavior has changed enormously.  They are not only learning karate, but they are also learning responsibility, discipline, and have more interaction with children from other cultures. My only regret is that I did not involve them at a younger age. Being part of PMAFA is an honor to us.  On the days that they must go to karate, they are so excited.  It is not just any karate school, we are a big family.  I am very thankful to Ms. Greta, and Sabomnim, for all they have taught my boys. They will definitely be attending for a long time.  They sometimes go on trips and have all different kinds of activities to keep the children happy.  I would recommend to any parents, to involve their children at PMAFA. You will definitely see a positive outcome.

A special thanks to Mr. Purefoy  and Ms. Greta for also giving my children extra advice. I am very very proud and very honored to say that my kids are in PMAFA.  Proud to be part of the PMAFA family.


~ Yesenia Rivera {Mom}







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