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The Parents Workshop 101 Survey Form

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Thank you for coming to The Parent\Student Workshop 101.  We believe that this is a crucial step for all parents and it has been an ongoing necessity to the success of each student.  We started this workshop on 02/22/2014 and the difference it made was invaluable.
Congratulations to all the new parents that were able to show up to the workshop. 
 The purpose of this survey is to provide feedback so that we will be able to streamline and refine the information of the workshop to insure that it is timely, informative, and essential for everyone.  So, please fill out the survey completely and be as frank as possible.  We do not need to have our feelings spared as it does not help PMAFA as a whole.
You may include your name and e-mail if you like, so that we can follow up on suggestions or concerns if necessary. 


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