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Last Update: 01/19/2018


What is worn in our school, must be purchased from our school.

For starters: 9 or 10, 8, 6
If money is an issue, start with the chest and head safety gear.


Later: 1 and 2
For full protection on delicate hands and feet add 2 and 3.


Black Belt Club and Black Belts: Add 4 and 5
Black Belts and Club Members should expect to work a little harder
add 4 and 5 mandatory for Red Belts and above.



Total Package = $284.66

Less 4 and 5 = $252.76



1 Hand Gear $49.95 Personalized with PMAFA logo! Features double layered padding over high-impact and sensitive areas such as knuckles, instep and ears. The Thunder Double Layered gear offers excellent flexibility and movement and is well ventilated for better comfort. Hook and loop closures provides a snug fit. Sized to fit children through adult.
2 Feet Gear $49.95
4 Shin Protector $12.95 Covers shin area from above the ankle to top of shin. Great for padding injured or sensitive areas.

Black Belts should definitely have these.

5 Arm Protector $18.99 Your forearms make a lot of blocks when sparring, so you need to make sure they have proper protection. Our forearm guard features 1/2" of padding from wrist to elbow to help cushion the blows. For better flexibility a curved joint has been designed.

Black Belts should definitely have these.

6 Supporter & Cup $14.95 A more traditional tuck-under design for athletic activity that adds more cup around and under the groin. Vinyl edges around cup increase comfort around inner thigh. Cup also features ventilation holes for additional comfort.
7 Mouth Guard 4.95 This lightweight mouthguard has extra cushioning to help protect your teeth. Use during any activity. Easy instructions to follow to fit mouthguard to your upper set of teeth in seconds. Available in 2 sizes, youth or adult, and assorted colors. Case, sold separately, holds one single mouthguard.  Add $3.95 for carrying case.
8 Chest Guard $49.95 This taekwondo style chestguard features a shock absorbent rubber body that has been covered in vinyl for added durability. The white shell is reversible showing your choice of either a blue or red target zones on the mid section. Long, elastic shoulder straps cross in back and tie through the side loops, plus hook and loop fastener to ensure a snug fit. Sizing for chest guards is based on your uniform size, so check the sizing carefully.

The next  two items are recommended for parents and students that wish to work on face defense at a higher level.  Mouth protection is optional with these head gear.

9 Proforce
Head Gear & Face Cage 

$89.95 Reduce the risk of a broken nose or black eye with this great head guard from ProForceŽ. Covering the face is a plastic cage that limits access to the face and helps absorb blows to the rest of the head during sparring. Made of shock-reducing closed-cell foam with a soft vinyl cover. Hook and loop closure on back plus an elastic band on top help to assure a snug fit.
9a Proforce Thunder
Head Gear & Face Cage


This guard only sized up to a 6 or 7 year old.

59.95 Protect your face in comfort! The ProForceŽ Thunder Vinyl Head Guard with Face Shield features a removable plastic face cage that limits access to the face and helps absorb blows to the rest of the head during sparring. Made of shock-reducing closed-cell foam with a soft vinyl cover. Padding on the top of the head guard offers additional protection. A hook and loop closure on the back assures a snug fit.
10 Head Gear & Face Shield $99.95 Personalized with PMAFA Logo and double layer coverage that measures 1-1/4" thick. Removable vented poly-carbonate face mask. Hook and loop closure on back for a secure fit. Multi air-flow channels help keep you cool. Complete cheek and jaw protection.
Other suggested items follow below.  They are not mandatory, but they will serve a great purpose.
13 Ringstar Ultimate Sparring Pads

(Limited Sizes)

$69.95 The Foot Pads are to be used for indoor sparring use only. They include a double fastening structure for an extra secure fit that will not twist around the ankles. The instep features extra padding while the sole provides increased coverage on the toes and extra traction. RingStar R3 Technology with closed-cell foam is also used throughout the foot pad.
3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14 COLOR: Black/Red or Red/Black

If you have a different preference for equipment,
it must be approved by the school and purchased in house.


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