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Any members or guest experiencing Flu like symptoms should not attend class.  Be sure to always use respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette. 



Governor Lamont lifts "Stay at Home Order".  PMAFA reopens for In-Person training with restrictions.


"Stay Safe, Stay at Home: executive order extended by Governor Ed Lamont until June 17th.


"Stay Safe, Stay at Home: executive order extended by Governor Ed Lamont until May 20th.



Effective March 20th a "Stay Safe, Stay at Home" executive order was put in place by Governor Ed Lamont.

From Wikepedia:

stay-at-home order (North America) or a movement control order (Southeast Asia) is an order from a government authority to restrict movements of a population as a mass quarantine strategy for suppressing, or mitigating, an epidemic, or pandemic, by ordering residents to stay home except for essential tasks or to work in essential businesses. In many cases, outdoor activities are allowed. Nonessential businesses are either closed or adapted to working from home.[1] In some regions, it has been implemented as a round-the-clock curfew[2] or called a shelter-in-place order,[3] but it is not to be confused with a shelter in place situation.[4] Similar measures have been used around the world, but the term lockdown is used instead.[5] Some officials have a concern that the word lockdown may send a wrong message for people to incorrectly think that it includes door-to-door searching for infected people to be forced into quarantines similar to the Hubei lockdown.[6]



As we stay informed and follow the advice and directives of the Government, PMAFA has pivoted to continue providing a learning experience via a streaming broadcast program.  The programs will be aired two to three times a week.  Members will receive a streaming URL to connect to the program that you can call PMAFA TV.  This is a temporary solution to keep members active and training during this crisis.

~ Master P



       First let me say to everyone, I have great faith in our medical systems and just like many viruses before, this to will be controlled and conquered.  However, the greatest Conqueror is within us.  I believe it starts with protecting the most sacred temple which is your body.  So remember to stay healthy by eating right as best as you can and exercise to strengthen your body and expense toxins.  Most of all, stay informed and compliment it with self research.

As we find information and suggestions to combat and control any transmission of bacteria and or virus at our facility, we will take the necessary steps to do so.  It is also important to note that as the season changes, mother nature has her way of disinfecting as she has done many times with the influenza.  So it won't  be long before we are in the clear anyway and life is back to normal.

Parent's, members, and guest be advised when entering the facility you will be directed to enter through the office side and sanitize by utilizing 1 of  3 forms. 

  • Hand Sanitizer Gel
  • Hand Sanitizer Wipe
  • Min. 20 sec. Hand Washing

After completion and when your class begins, you will be allowed to enter the Dojang\Training Hall.  When class ends, participants and guest will exit out of the Dojang\Training Hall.  The logistics will help keep everyone safe, comfortable, and worry free.


Anyone that come across any useful information, please share it with me so that I can post it on this page.

Don't be afraid, be informed!

- Master P

I want to thank those of you who shared any of the information or links below.


Bridgeport Public School Letter from Superintendent March 10, 2020

Mayor Ganim's Announcement 3/15/20



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