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Permission Slips


(Campers must where their
camp t-shirt for all trips)


For your convenience, if you would like to print and sign the permission slip form to save time, you may do so here.

06/24/18 Community Walk 07/16 Park City Park Tour:
Puglio Park and Veteran's Park
Trip 15

08/09 Swimming and Jet Ski Rides
with Cookout

06/25 Bowtie Cinemas "Emoji Movie" 07/17 Uncle Buck's Fish Bowl
Bass Pro Shop
Trip 16


08/10 Pleasure Beach

06/28 Permission Slip Bearsdley Park & Karate.pdf Trip 7

7/19 Monkey Joe's
Hamden, CT


Minibus being serviced
06/29 30 Park Tour
Trip 8

7/20 Bearsdley Park and Aaron's Way Waterpark

Minibus being serviced
07/02 30 Park Tour (Cont)
Trip 9

7/24 Park City Park Tour III

07/03/ Indian Wells Trip 7/27 Kids Sports Day at Seaside ParkSponsored by Lighthouse  
07/05 Bearsdley Zoo Trip 11

07/31 Indian Wells Make Up Trip
Swimming and Jet Ski Rides

07/11 Indian Wells Makeup Trip (Incomplete) Trip 12

08/02 P.T. Barnum Museum

07/12 Rockin Jump in Trumbull Trip 13

08/07 Silver Sands Beach and Charles Island

07/13 Makeup trip to Indian Wells Trip 14

08/08 Discovery Museum

(Morning) Bearsdley Playground

(Afternoon) Playground near Geraldine Claytor Magnet Academy


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